Natural Granules

Parshv chem Industries supply Best Quality of natural Granules.

These are granules made from selected pure stone free pure Bentonite lumps. Specific Lumps are selected from mines, then they are kept for natural drying process.

Uses: They are widely used as carrier in formulation of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, Plants growth promoter etc.

Proprieties: It is soft clay it loosens the soil and allows air as well as other nutrients to reach the roots. If it is mixed with seed while showing it's soften the soil near the seed and help the new roots to grow.

It is an Ecofriendly product.

On coming in contact of water it immediately allow the formulated to release in soil.  It is a Non hazardous, low cost and natural friendly product. 

Specifications :

Size 1.5 MM to 2 MM
Oversize under size +/- 5%
Color gray
Formulation Granular
Liquid holding Capacity Free flowing at 7 % mass by mass.
PH 7 (Neutral)
Solubility It gets disintegrate directly when it come in contact of water
Minimum order quantity 10 MT