Roasted Bentonite Granules

Parshv Chem Industries is the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of superior quality Rosted Bentonite Granules.

Roasted Bentonite are used as a carrier formulation of Bio-fertilizers, Plants Growth Promoter etc. These granules are mostly used in fertilizers and Agriculture Industries

Bentonite Granules are roasted at specific temperature in Furnace to increase it properties for better absorption of technicals and slowly release in soil for utilizing by roots It is highly absorbent and during formulation it does not stick to the wall of granulator.

Bentonite Granules can be easily mix with seed before sowing. It has properties of hardness and high absorbent capacity. It has natural properties to absorb and release active ingredients slowly to grow the plant faster and better. It is an Ecofriendly product.

We prepare these granules in various mesh sizes.

We provide superior quality dust free granules, the quality of which is checked in our in-house laboratory.

Physical Parameters :

Test Parameters Permissible Specifications
Size 10:20, 12:25, 16:35
Physical Appearance Black (Free Flowing) Granules
Moisture Maximum 1%
Liquid Holding Capacity (% by Mass.) 15 – 18%

Chemical Parameters :

Test Parameters Permissible Specifications
Ph (10% Solution at 25 Degree Cel) 5.0 TO 7.5

Microbial Parameters :

Test Parameters Permissible Specifications
Total Viable Count Not  more than 10,000 CFU / gm


Fertilizer grade Bentonite are used in :

  • Carrier in formulation of Plants growth promoter ,pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, bio-pesticides, and Bio-fertilizers.
  • As an additive to soil for preservation of its fertility.
  • Biozyme
  • Micro Nutrient
  • Micronizer