Formulated Granules (Humic / Amino / Seaweed )

Parshv Chem Industries manufacture and offers best Quality of Formulated Granules.

Formulated Granules are well Organic Extract, nurtured, rich and healthly soil enable granules used for agriculture.

It comprises Humic, Amino, Seaweed, and Micronutrients in rich quantity. It promotes root growth and resisit power generation in crops.

We Manufacture Formulated granules as per customers formulation and in respective packing.

It increases tolerance of crops to be biotic and abiotic stress, eco safe being biodegradable, compatible with all fertilizers.


  • Formulated Granules improves the conditions of soil and mobilizes nutrients to plants.
  • Protein synthesis.
  • Increased nutrients increased tolorance to drought.
  • Induces quick and healthly growth.
  • Formulated Granules can be direcly applied near root zone.
  • Applicable to all crops.
  • Gives fast and rapid growth to crops.
  • Reduces drought stress and improves yield stability.